Valentine’s Day Open Mic Night

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On Thursday, my lovely wife and I headed down to our local cafe bar for open mic night. I’m trying to make this a regular fixture now. Here’s a bit of footage from the night. It’s not great but it’s all I’ve got I’m afraid. Hopefully, I can increase the quality in the coming weeks and months.

First up was obviously a love song, cos it’s Valentines Day innit! One of the greatest pop hits of the 80’s, Just Like Heaven by The Cure.


Following on the same theme of absolutely corking songs from the 80’s, we have Red Rain by Peter Gabriel.


And finally, the words everyone at an open mic night dreads to hear, ‘Here’s one of my own’. I think they liked it though. This is Change The World from my album You’ll Never Know.


I have to be honest, when I finished I thought I’d messed up but I had a few comments and they were all really positive. If you fancy massaging my wounded ego some more, then please leave a nice comment below.

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