Song Writing Challenge Bears Fruit

Front cover of Presents

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Cast your minds back to spring last year and I set myself a songwriting challenge. Well, I must say it has been far more successful than I could have possibly dreamed. Originally it was just a bit of fun to flesh out live performances. However, it turns out that the songs I wrote were, for […]

New Song Alert!!


Hey Everyone, I usually wait until I’ve finished an album before posting any music but it’s been a while and I managed to record this whole song in an afternoon yesterday. I mixed it and mastered it this morning (“working” from home) and now I want to share it because I’m pretty damned proud of […]

7th July 2019 at NDAC

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A bumper crop of songs for you today. There was lots of time so I did two sets of three songs. I only prepared to do three but despite that, I put in a pretty good performance. First up is the song I completely messed up at the previous performance in Raglan, ‘I Sat By […]

3rd July 2019 The Beaufort Inn, Raglan

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A new venue tonight, The Beaufort in Raglan and it all started disastrously with a song abandoned! I played a request for my lovely wife, ‘I Sat By The Ocean’ by Queens Of The Stone Age, and had a complete lyrical brain fart. Now I forget the odd word from time to time but this […]

23rd May 2019 at The Lime Tree

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So, I thought I’d lost these videos but thankfully I have found them buried away in an Amazon drive folder somewhere. Now they are on display for you lucky people. First up is Ava Adore by The Smashing Pumpkins. I love this song, a hybrid of electronics and rock, and I don’t think the acoustic […]

First of my performance challenges

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Well, as promised, here’s Sunday’s open mic performances. It was at the National Diving & Activity Centre (Hence the photo. Or is it because I sank without a trace?). Featured was the first of my acoustic challenge songs written for each performance. If I’m being honest, I bombed somewhat this week. I’ve had an operation […]

Acoustic challenge

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Spring is in the air and after those long winter months have come to an end. I feel a fresh challenge is in the air. As you know, I make quite dense music that is built around structure and arrangement rather than song writing per se. As a result, there aren’t many songs I’m able […]