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Dave Hampson is a self taught, multi-instrumentalist and independent rock musician who crafts extended rock songs in the style of Genesis, Pink Floyd, Rush and many other artists from the alternative and progressive rock genres such as Smashing Pumpkins, R.E.M. and Radiohead. Entering the music industry at the ripe old age of 34, he has some serious catching up to do if he wants that rock star life with stadium tours, limousines and other ‘sex, drugs and rock and roll’ related activities. This is where you come in!

After years of procrastination and ‘playing with himself’ musically speaking, Dave eventually saw fit to turn his musical noodlings into actual recordings. After several prototypes and un-listenable rubbish, he emerged with a debut album of crunching rock, filled with strong prog leanings, mixed with the alternative indie music of the 90’s. All the good stuff, without the noodling and pretentiousness. He is now looking to make it big in the 70’s rock scene, just 40 years too late.



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