First of my performance challenges

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Well, as promised, here’s Sunday’s open mic performances. It was at the National Diving & Activity Centre (Hence the photo. Or is it because I sank without a trace?). Featured was the first of my acoustic challenge songs written for each performance. If I’m being honest, I bombed somewhat this week. I’ve had an operation and I’m still quite sore and not really firing on all cylinders and it showed. However, I did get to do an encore later with two songs I know very well, and these went down much better. To that end you have 5 songs to watch this week. Luck you eh?

First, ‘1979’ by The Smashing Pumpkins. Now, I know I have been smashing ‘The Pumkins’ recently (PUN!) but I absolutely love them right now and don’t know why it took me so long to appreciate them. Anyway, this sounded much better in my head. I also went on after two incredibly talented individuals who took the place by storm. To say the audience was underwhelmed by this is an understatement. I also had to print out the lyrics which I have never done before. This didn’t help.



Next up, ‘Little By Little’. Now, I know playing Oasis at open mic is like playing Stairway To Heaven in a music shop but I think this song is an exception. It was a late career classic and they convinced Robert Carlisle to be in the video. I think this went down better but I may have lost them by then. To be honest I was more concerned with not falling over.



The first of my series of spontaneously written songs is called ‘Fix’. I thought it was ok. Not bad for a first effort. It’s about taking responsibility for your actions which I think is sadly lacking nowadays.



As this was quite a long open mic, I got the opportunity to have another go. Most people had gone home by this time which is a real shame as I thought these two songs were much better. I haven’t played ‘Everybody Hurts’ for about five years but it’s well ingrained in my head and I performed it on autopilot.



The same could be said of my final choice ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’. This is always a good one to pull out of the bag when things haven’t been going well.



So, all in all, not too bad under the circumstances. Next performance is this Thursday 23 rd May at the Lime Tree. In a rare burst of productivity, I have already written my song for that performance. So, if you’re fed up of that days politics and you’re in the Chepstow area, please come along and see how I go down this time.

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