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So, hopefully if you’re reading this, you’ve already read about my first steps down the path of rock stardom. They say it’s never too late to start following a dream. Is it true? I’ve always been fairly headstrong and confident but for some reason that didn’t translate to music. It was always a hobby. Something I embarrassingly kept to myself. Was I like one of those talent show auditionees who thinks they are the next Justin Timberlake, or whoever the kids love these days? Was I the musical equivalent of the stamp collector or train spotter? Best to keep it to myself.

I wish I knew where the quote came from, because it was one of the most important of my life, but I once read ‘Pretending to be confident is the same thing as being confident’. I have lived my life that way mostly but I just couldn’t transfer it over to my music. One day I plucked up the courage to place an advert on a website to advertise my services to local bands as a guitarist. And I might have mentioned I had just started learning to play the drums. A week later I’m playing drums in a band. I was in the deep end now, with lead boots on.

Turns out however, enthusiasm can get you a long way in music. It really is such a big part of it. In less than 8 weeks we had a full set list and I played my first ever gig. I was terrible. At one point I panicked and completely stopped playing. I recovered but I’d blown it totally. After the first half of our set, I slunk off to the toilet, a little depressed. Another bloke came in and started talking enthusiastically to me about the band, ‘The drummer was really good wasn’t he?’ ‘Er…yeah’ I replied a little confused. I went back to my band mates who were overjoyed at how well the first half of the set had gone. I was dumbstruck.

The second half of the set flew by and I had a renewed confidence. The audience didn’t care if every note was in the right place. We were having fun and so were they. Music isn’t required to be perfect. It is simply required to be enjoyed. I started listening to my own music in a different way. I had written this music to emulate my heroes. It sounded exactly like what my favourite music would sound like. I actually really enjoyed it. So, why shouldn’t other people enjoy it? I just needed that same enthusiasm for my song writing and playing as I had for my drumming.

Now, I’m not saying go and be a brain surgeon, you just need the requisite level of enthusiasm. But, I think we all have a talent that others could enjoy, if other people see how much we’re enjoying it. If it hadn’t have been for that experience, I might not be writing this to you now and you certainly wouldn’t be reading it. But I now have four albums worth of music available and I’m working on a fifth, a double concept album. Just think where you could go and what you could do with the requisite level of enthusiasm.

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