So, my bio. First off, it’s written in the first person. I’m not going to pretend there is a ‘Team Dave’ or I have a PA to write it for me. No, it’s just me. So you ask, who is this Dave? What makes him tick? And what am I doing on this website anyway?

Let’s start at the beginning. I was born at a very young age, into a house full of music. Wonderful, beautiful music such as Genesis, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. The silver Sony hi-fi under the stairs constantly had a record on rotation and I would love gazing at Roger Dean album covers, although I never really got into Yes.

This love of music led me to want to create my own from a very early age. I received a rather wonderful Casio keyboard for my 9th Birthday. I could not leave it alone. I was given lessons but as I got older the piano just didn’t seem very cool anymore. Grunge had hit in the early 90’s and keyboards were for Duran Duran. I may as well have walked around in a Frankie Says Relax t-shirt.

So, around the age of 16, I bought a guitar. A red Gibson ‘The Paul’. Not quite a Les Paul but a genuine Gibson at least. I was hooked. No lessons were required. I started to get into the guitar music of the day, Radiohead, Oasis, Pulp, REM…. Atlantic 252 was the radio station to listen to then. MTV2 was also the channel to watch, back when it actually showed music.

I had dreams of heading off to university and starting a band. I headed to Sheffield (via clearing) and set about trying to locate band members. I soon discovered there are lots of guitarists looking to start bands in the city. Not many people looking to backfill the rest of the band slots though. Still, best to hang around in lots of bars just in case. And, I may as well have a drink whilst I’m here. And oops, it’s 2 years later and I haven’t achieved anything. I had managed to write three songs in this time, I was skint and I had completely neglected my degree in something or other.

So, a career outside music beckoned. My career took me to Germany where I met my lovely wife and music was pretty much forgotten. Life was good and we did the whole marriage thing and got a house etc etc. But at the back of my mind was music. The flame still burned passionately inside.

Browsing in a music shop one day I saw a multitrack recorder. A Zoom, or some such or other. A quick look later on eBay revealed that many of these items were for sale at a reasonable price. Little was I to know this was due to the computer based Digital Audio Workstation becoming the new standard but one of these machines would do for me. I got a cheap mic and started playing around.

I already had three songs from back in the day. They were ‘Dead Man Walking’, ‘Hell For You’ and a song called ‘An Old Song’ a pun on the fact it was an old song and it was about being old (trombone noise, buddum tish). This song would later become ‘A Lesson’ from my second album. At the time I didn’t have the skill to get it to sound like it did in my head. Kind of like George Lucas starting with Episode IV of Star Wars.

Over the coming year whilst I was away with work, I would compose songs using a MIDI editor on my laptop and recorded them when I came home. I made lots of revisions as I was learning to record and use the equipment correctly. During this time, I made the switch to computer based recording and mixing, which again massively opened up my scope. I ended up with a debut album called ‘16 Years’. So titled as it had taken this long to get from that first song, ‘Dead Man Walking’ to the final album.

A second album, ‘You’ll Never Know’ was birthed into existence a mere 12 months later. In the meantime, I learned to play the drums and even spent some time in a band, Boogiewax, North Devon’s premier rock covers band. A great bunch of guys who are still performing. I have since been practicing my own performances at various open mic nights around the country.

I now have three albums, with another in the pipeline. ‘Presents’, was released in February 2020 and another, which is as of yet unnamed, is due for release once I have sold enough copies of ‘Presents‘ to be able to afford to release it.

The goal now is to hit the big time. Hey, hey, I wanna be a rock star as some Canadian bloke once said. So without further ado, let the writing of the next album commence.