Acoustic challenge

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Spring is in the air and after those long winter months have come to an end. I feel a fresh challenge is in the air. As you know, I make quite dense music that is built around structure and arrangement rather than song writing per se. As a result, there aren’t many songs I’m able to perform live on my own. To that end I have decided to challenge myself to write a new song every time I go and perform to try and test myself. There are a few reasons for this. Singer songwriter songs are not my bailiwick. I am far more comfortable composing, so this will test me. It also forces me to finish a song I start writing as deadlines will be short. The song I am performing today was written on Friday and only just got a name today.


The final reason is so that hopefully I can get some new music out to you loyal people reading this. Hopefully I should have a collection of 10 – 12 songs which I can get out to you in the next couple of months whilst you’re waiting for the next album proper. I am performing the first song, called ‘Fix’ in a few hours’ time so expect a video here soon. Thanks for reading and hopefully you’re as excited as I am for the new project. Hopefully the album won’t be called ‘Procrastination’.

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