7th July 2019 at NDAC

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A bumper crop of songs for you today. There was lots of time so I did two sets of three songs. I only prepared to do three but despite that, I put in a pretty good performance. First up is the song I completely messed up at the previous performance in Raglan, ‘I Sat By The Ocean’ by Queens of the Stone Age. This time it was smooth sailing.


Next up was a song I finished writing that morning. You are watching the very first time I actually played this song through in its entirety. So there are a few mistakes but mostly it’s pretty good. I think this song is too good to leave as just an acoustic song and it may get the full band treatment at a later date.


Finally, Sit Down by James. This song is the same three chords all the way through so took a lot of the pressure off.


My second set started with ‘Everlong’ by The Foo Fighters. I love performing this song but it does hurt the throat slightly.


Next up was an 80’s classic, ‘Just Like Heaven’ by The Cure. I wrote down the lyrics and forgot the chords. Oops. Got them in the end though.


Finally, ‘Ava Adore’ by The Smashing Pumpkins. I love this song so much. It’s always a pleasure to sing.


Next gig is Friday I believe.

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  • Diane Bursnell says:

    Good songs choices – Good performance – love it. Can’t wait to hear you give that song of your own “the big band treatment”

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