16th June 2019 at the NDAC

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Another open mic at the diving centre. It was much better weather than it had been so I was sweating profusely. First up is everybody’s favourite advert theme tune, ‘Bohemian Like You’ by The Dandy Warhols. I love this song but being a dedicated eater of meat, I couldn’t bring myself to say vegan food.


Next up was my latest song, written the day before, called Tricifix. My first song in 6/8 I believe which switches to 3/4 in the chorus….I think. Music theory was never my strong point.


Finally was a beautiful R.E.M song called ‘Find The River’. It’s the last song from ‘Automatic For The People’ and I hope I did it justice.


There were two more songs but sadly the camera cut my head off. Oh well. See you next time.

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