14th June 2019 at Toast Tutshill

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Well, this isn’t the best performance I’ve ever given but it needs to go up for prosperity. It was the debut performance of my new 12 string guitar, which so far has proven to be a song-writing machine! First up is a favourite love song of mine, Something Changed by Pulp, about a chance meeting that blooms into romance.


Next up is the third in the series of songs I have been writing for each performance. This is quite an epic but sadly the performance doesn’t do it justice. My voice wasn’t working for some reason and I may perform this again at some point.


Finally, a very pedestrian run through Man On The Moon by R.E.M. This song requires a lot of heart and soul to be put into it to stop it being boring. Unfortunately, I just didn’t have much of either available to me at the time. And with several bungled chord changes it’s a performance to forget.


As there was time to spare I got to redeem myself somewhat with this short version of Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. An ideal song for 12 string.

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