Brand new line of Dave related merch

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I have introduced Dave related merch to my store. It’s wonderful and will make all your freinds jealous. Click on ‘Shop’ at the top of the page to get some.

New album is here!

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  After being quiet for a long time due to the rearing of offspring, I now present you the rather wonderful ‘So Close’. Seven new tracks for your listening pleasure. Available everywhere from 19th March 2021.

Song Writing Challenge Bears Fruit

Front cover of Presents

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Cast your minds back to spring last year and I set myself a songwriting challenge. Well, I must say it has been far more successful than I could have possibly dreamed. Originally it was just a bit of fun to flesh out live performances. However, it turns out that the songs I wrote were, for […]

New Song Alert!!

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Hey Everyone, I usually wait until I’ve finished an album before posting any music but it’s been a while and I managed to record this whole song in an afternoon yesterday. I mixed it and mastered it this morning (“working” from home) and now I want to share it because I’m pretty damned proud of […]

7th July 2019 at NDAC

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A bumper crop of songs for you today. There was lots of time so I did two sets of three songs. I only prepared to do three but despite that, I put in a pretty good performance. First up is the song I completely messed up at the previous performance in Raglan, ‘I Sat By […]

3rd July 2019 The Beaufort Inn, Raglan

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A new venue tonight, The Beaufort in Raglan and it all started disastrously with a song abandoned! I played a request for my lovely wife, ‘I Sat By The Ocean’ by Queens Of The Stone Age, and had a complete lyrical brain fart. Now I forget the odd word from time to time but this […]

16th June 2019 at the NDAC

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Another open mic at the diving centre. It was much better weather than it had been so I was sweating profusely. First up is everybody’s favourite advert theme tune, ‘Bohemian Like You’ by The Dandy Warhols. I love this song but being a dedicated eater of meat, I couldn’t bring myself to say vegan food. […]

14th June 2019 at Toast Tutshill

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Well, this isn’t the best performance I’ve ever given but it needs to go up for prosperity. It was the debut performance of my new 12 string guitar, which so far has proven to be a song-writing machine! First up is a favourite love song of mine, Something Changed by Pulp, about a chance meeting […]

23rd May 2019 at The Lime Tree

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So, I thought I’d lost these videos but thankfully I have found them buried away in an Amazon drive folder somewhere. Now they are on display for you lucky people. First up is Ava Adore by The Smashing Pumpkins. I love this song, a hybrid of electronics and rock, and I don’t think the acoustic […]

First of my performance challenges

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Well, as promised, here’s Sunday’s open mic performances. It was at the National Diving & Activity Centre (Hence the photo. Or is it because I sank without a trace?). Featured was the first of my acoustic challenge songs written for each performance. If I’m being honest, I bombed somewhat this week. I’ve had an operation […]

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